Influencers and Instagram

Influencers and Instagram

In our social media world there are endless ways to make money fast. From YouTube to Instagram there is a platform for every individual to capitalise on. The new wave of Instagram or “Insta” fame has ushered forward new opportunities for not only the individual but for massive corporations. Giving businesses a platform to find brand ambassadors who promote similar ideals to endorse products.

The wave of brand endorsements brought forward the idea of an app, which could connect both brands with ambassadors for their products. The app entitled “Tribe” requires a certain amount of followers for all its “influencers” before the can register to earn cash by simply posting a photo.

The premise is essentially followers = endorsements = cash.

No qualifications are needed to endorse health products or fitness programs. All that’s needed is the follower count.

When using the “Tribe” application each campaign undertaken can earn influencers up to $400. With big time influencers with lots of followers having the potential to make up to $1200 all at the click of a button.

This app alone excludes all individual endorsement deals between company and influencers meaning that Instagram stars can be earning a liveable salary off just their own uploads.

It poses the question do these “influencers” hold too much power? Are they rightfully earning their cash?

Either way the money goes straight to their bank and they can call themselves self-employed.

Jessica Rowen

King, Rosie. “How Much Do Instagram Stars Really Get Paid?” Body and Soul Australia, 28 June 2016,





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