Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is already hugely popular in contemporary society and is considered the ‘next big thing’.  Word of mouth, is the most powerful form of marketing today and is known as relying on consumers to talk about a brand on their own volition.  While social media influence acts in an overly similar way, companies instead pay influencers to promote their products/brand.

But why is social media marketing so popular?

Firstly, influencer marketing takes advertisements to a personal level and aligns you with the people you love most.  It is obvious that consumers will trust other consumers of a product to inform their purchasing decisions. According to Nicole Tufts “51 percent of marketers get more sales from influencer marketing because of the trust consumers place in social media influencers” (Tufts, 2016).

Influencer marketing is also more organic than ordinary product placement.  Social media influencers attach a recognizable face to a product or brand, instead of an algorithm robotically placed into your newsfeed used to target users.

Personally, when scrolling through my Instagram feed, I find myself quickly passing by sponsored advertisements without an actual glance.  However, when seeing a post by a social media influencer I already follow promoting a product, I don’t mind.  I already invest my time into following this user meaning I am interested in their life and interests.  Essentially, I am receiving an ad from someone I want to receive one from.

Moreover, social media marketing is successful because your target audience is so easy to reach.  By choosing the right influencer in your niche means their followers are already interested in your industry, ensuring that the marketing campaign reaches a relevant audience.

Although social media marketing is growing in popularity and price, it is clear that this contemporary marketing tool is worth it in contemporary society.  Since reaching your target audience has never been easier, social media marketing is the new effective way to spread the word.

Samantha Roberts

Tufts, Nicole. “Word of Mouth in the Digital Age: The Power of Social Media Influencers.” The Spark Group. 19 October 2016.


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