Last week I raved on about how social media influencers are becoming the modern and effective way to market products. This week I will be discussing some points raised in a article about the disloyalty and dishonesty of some Perth social media influencers who are committing ‘#instafraud’.

We all dream of a life where making money is as easy as posting a picture of your favourite drink or piece of clothing on your social media. Fortunately for some people, life is a dream. But can you always trust the opinion of those who are posed so perfectly in front of your eyes? Do you believe that they all genuinely use the products they are promoting or are they just in it for the money? Well it seems that the latter is becoming the more frequent question over in WA.

The article that was mentioned earlier discussed the new trend of ‘Insta-imposters’. These are people who build up their profile by enlisting fake followers and engagement to attract the attention of brands into making promotion deals with them and it seems to be working.

“These ‘imposter influencers’ are receiving products and services from not-so-smart brands in the hope of increasing their sales. And these ‘imposter influencers’ are taking the free products and services, knowing they aren’t going to be able to provide a strong return on investment, effectively committing #instafraud.”

(Borello, 2017)

Interestingly, the article also talks about how these fake influencers are buying thousands of followers to help them look like an influencer, but if you dig a little deeper you can see between the lines (Borello, 2017). Accounts that are built up of fake followers show no advocacy for any brands (Borello, 2017). Generally those who promote certain brands will have some sort of interaction with them but these accounts don’t have any.

Personally, I think that it’s a waste of time and money that you would go through the effort of setting up an account and buying thousands of ghost followers off a random online bot just to get freebies. Why not be authentic and build up your own profile honestly just like social media influencers who are known to be honest and loyal. I would feel much better about promoting a product I truly liked and thought needed to be shared to followers rather than posing in front of a camera, lying through my teeth just get free stuff that I don’t even like in the first place!

To have a read of the article yourself click on this link.

Borello, M. D. (2017, July 26). Insta-imposters give Perth’s real social media influencers a bad name. Retrieved from

Jessica Miller


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