The hashtags we have selected for our campaign are #socialmedia #sponsored #paidadvertisment and #mediainfluencer.

We have selected these hashtags as our chosen issue is the power of Social Media Influencers. We are not against Social Media personalities themselves, but rather the negative effects that some Influencers may inflict on teens and young adults, through issues such as paid sponsorship of illegitimate brands.

We hope to engage the opinions of the public through the use of these hashtags, whilst also collecting research information for our communication strategy.

Social Media posts:


The first social media platform I have chosen to post on is Twitter. I chose Twitter for my first post as the purpose of hashtags is to spread the tweet to a wide audiences, despite my account not having many (any) followers.

The aim of this very broad, general first post is to encourage public responses and opinions on our social issue through the use of our chosen hashtags to attract a relevant audience.

  • Hannah Arthur



The first platform I choose was Instagram. I thought using the platform I was talking about would prove most effective.

I kept my profile on public so I could get a response from the public and I used an open ended question to get a range of mixed responses.

  • Jessica Rowen


The first platform I chose to post on was Facebook.  I posted a question about our chosen topic, hoping to get interaction from people already on my friends list, along with a wider audience through using the relevant hashtags.

  • Samantha Roberts

  • Jessica Miller – The first platform I have chosen to use is Twitter. I have chosen this platform because using hashtags allows me to relate my posts to those who also have a interest in social media influencers. I also attached a photo of different social media influencers to encourage people to interact with my post and to mae the tweet more appealing.

Week 2:

  • Jessica Miller – This week I posted to Instagram. I chose this platform because I have a reasonable following who I think will be able to relate to this post and share their comments. Instagram is one of the most favourited platforms for social media influencers to flourish on which I think will also be a benefit for this post as the hashtags relates to them and their audiences.



I chose Facebook as the social media platform for my second post containing our hashtags.
I am less familiar with how hashtags work on Facebook; but am assuming that on a public post such as the one I have made, they work similarly to Instagram and Twitter.
Hopefully, the use of these hashtags engage a wider audience to share their opinions on this public post.

  • Hannah Arthur



This week I decided to post to twitter.  After my post last week getting little to no attention, I was interested to see if the use of hashtags were more effective when using twitter.  I also added a photo of the renowned Kylie Jenner advertising a product in hope for the post to gain more attention.

  • Samantha Roberts

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 2.18.30 pm.png

For the second week of our social media campaign I decided to utilise twitter because I thought it was a more public platform which could get more people to reach out and respond to me.

I used a picture of a known social media influencer to attract people and used our designated hashtags and posed a question to the readers asking if they’ve ever purchased a product that they saw on social media?

  • Jessica Rowen



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