Tesla Meme

Tesla Meme

The meme we decided to use is a stock photo of a portrayed ‘love triangle’ that surfaced on the internet earlier this year as a meme. The original picture depicts a man walking down the street with his girlfriend while eyeing off a girl walking past them. The underlying humour evident in this picture is the man is focusing on something that may be worth more value than what he currently posses.


This meme has fidelity, fecundity and longevity. It surfaced on the internet approximately one to two months ago and is still a current trending meme on social media. Everyone recognises it as a simple stock photo and understands the original meaning behind. It also portrays an underlying message that can relate to a large majority of society, that being we all want things things that we cannot have. For example, the latest phone, a better job, the latest clothes etc.

For this activity we were allocated Tesla as our special interest group. Tesla is primarily know for its slick, expensive cars. To relate this to our chosen meme we edited the picture so that the guy is eyeing of a Tesla car, wishing he had it but in reality he has to put up with his old, rundown current car.


This meme addresses Tesla’s audience because the man looking at the Tesla car (other girl) indicates that Telsa is the preferred and desired car brand over the current car he owns (his current girlfriend). This is projecting to Tesla’s audience that they are a superior brand and encourages viewers to purchase their brand over other car brands.


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