Reaper Task

Reaper Task

For this task we scraped 3200 tweets from social media influencer, Kylie Jenner’s Twitter account, although only 1,726 were available. We analysed these tweets and determined which types of tweets attracted more attention. Some of the elements we considered when approaching this task were; visuals dominating text, endorsements dominating general tweets as well as the length and time the tweet were posted.

From analysing the data that was scraped there were noticeable patterns discovered. Tweets that included photos received more interaction than those with plain text. Also, Kylie Jenner’s replies to other people’s tweets received more attention than regular tweets from her account. The top 10 most popular tweets were all generated within the past 18 months.

Tweets that received less attention were replies to fans. A majority of the bottom 10 tweets were made in June 2017 which was surprising. It was assumed Kylie’s Jenner less popular tweets would be those from when she first started posting on Twitter and had less followers.

None of the top 10 or bottom 10 tweets used hashtags. This means Kylie Jenner relies on her followers to engage and share her tweets and relies less on using hashtags to attract audience engagement.


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