Communication Strategy

Communication Strategy

Purpose statement: The purpose of this online communication strategy is to ensure that the Queensland Government’s target audience can see, hear and understand their key messages.

Communication Goals:

  1. Create discussion around issues
  2. Encourage participation in decision making around policy formulation
  3. Collect and analyse information to use for policy development

Overall goal: To promote and encourage audience participation and discussion of policy formulation and development.

Target audience: 18-25 year old who are heavy users of social media and have a particular interest in/follow a large variety of social media influencers

Internet phenomenon: Social media influencers (YouTubers, beauty bloggers, travel writers, fitness bloggers etc)

Focus: The amount of power influencers have over their audiences

Key message: Social media influencers have too much control over the choices and attitudes of young adults

Key communication methods:

  • Facebook – Post survey/polls relating to social media influencers
  • Instagram – Post pictures of social media influencers with a question caption and use hashtags to reach larger audience
  • Twitter – Post message about social media influencers, use hashtags to reach larger audience
  • WordPress – Post blogs about social media influencers for audiences to read, audience can interact wiht blog post by leaving comments, liking or sharing the blogs
  • ***All posts will be made once a week***

Social Media Calendar

  • Post to the blog weekly as a group
  • One post/per person weekly to the blog
  • Once a week each team member will allocate a post to a dedicated social media channel of their choice (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat). These posts will be made on the same day every week (Wednesdays) to ensure consistent timing so that data is more accurate.

Identifying relevant hashtags

Many social media influencers have adapted hashtags that suit their brand. Because we are looking at social media influencers in a broad spectrum we have adapted out hashtags to cover social media influencers in general. The hashtags we have selected for our campaign are: #socialmedia #sponsored #paidadvertisment and #mediainfluencer


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