Survey Design

Survey Design

We have designed this survey to gather demographic, quantitative and qualitative information on people who are high social media users. We have designed the questions to gather people’s opinions of social media users and whether they think that social media influencers have too much/too little control over people’s lives. Through this survey we are aiming to investigate why people follow social media influencers, if those influencers have an impact on their day-to-day decisions and their overall perception of social media influencers.

Survey question:

Q1. What is your age? (Check box option)

Q2. What is your gender? (M/F/Other)

Q3. Do you use social media often? (Likert scale question)

Q4. What platforms do you use? (Multiple choice)

Q5. Do you follow social media influencers on social media? (Yes/no)

Q6. Do you think social media influencers have an affect on your daily decisions? (food/drink/clothing/technology/vehicle preferences) (Likert scale question)

Q7. Why do you follow social media influencers? (Open ended)

Q8. Whats your opinion on social media influencers? (Open ended)

Q9. Do you prefer celebrity endorsements or social media influencer opinions? (Celebrity endorsements/social media influencer opinions/none/both)

For this survey we have included a range of different questions. This is to help the participants engage with the survey to optimise our results. Questions 1 and 2 are designed to gather the demographics of our participants. This will help us identify which demographics are interacting/not interacting with social media users and their opinions on the topic. Questions 3, 4, 5 and 6 aim at gathering information about the participants behaviour. We have used a Likert scale design to determine how much the participant uses social media and a multiple choice option to find out which platforms they use. Questions 7 and 8 are open ended. This will allow us to gather a deeper understanding on the users opinion towards social media influencers and why they do/do not interact with them. We have then ended the survey with a simple forced choice question to find out whether the participants prefer celebrity or social media influencer opinions.


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