Our group designed a survey that gathered demographic, quantitative and qualitative information on people who are high social media users. The aim of the survey was to investigate why people follow social media influencers, if those influencers have an impact on their day-to-day decisions and their overall perception of social media influencers. The data collected and analysed from the survey showed a lot of interesting trends and results. These results have been presented in the infographic below. To view the infographic closer, please click here.


Social Media Posts:

infographic post
In response to the results of our survey, I chose to make a post on Twitter highlighting the strength of opinion shaping that Social Media Influencers have over celebrities when it comes to product endorsement. I aimed to make this post engaging by concluding the tweet with a question, adding our hashtags and a link to our infographic blog post.


For this weeks social media post, I decided to post to Instagram.  I chose to caption the photo with a statistic highlighting the percentage of survey participants that follow social media influencers.  I also added a link to the infographic post on our website, along with a screenshot of a section of the infographic to draw attention to the post.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.59.45 pm

I reached out to twitter this week in response to the infographic we formulated on our results from our survey. While I am yet to receive any response I choose to pose a question to the audience. Is our world really choosing social media culture over celebrities now and if so what does this mean for our campaign.

For this task, I posted to Twitter. This is because Twitter is a less dominant platform for social media influencers. I wanted to attract those on Twitter who follow social media influencers and engage with them about the data that we collected.


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